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We love celebrating and sharing the best things in life.


Colorado springs, colorado



The Good & Simple Co is small band of folks packed full of creativity, dreams, ideas, and hopes. Taking complex ideas or experiences and distilling them into simple, digestible ideas is how The Good & Simple Guide came about. Over and over we'd hear people say "So what do you do here? I've heard great things about Colorado Springs." Within our roots lies passion for the city and the hope to continue to see it grow and mature into an even livelier, revitalized space. 


Inspired by the mountains and driven to tell great stories. 


An emphasis on well-crafted goods and experiences that support a thriving economy. We think it's critical to join in continual revitalization of our culture and city. With each new generation comes a new way of seeing things. Maybe we can spark some hope and adventerous spirit with the products we create.

Idea to Execution 



Listen, experience, and take notes. The research that goes into the product is very important. Having experienced first-hand as well as observations from other experiences and sources. Shortlisting a small number of business and places we felt would be most helpful for each traveler or local to experience the quality and beauty of the city.


Illustrations, copy, opinions, colors, art-direction, manufacturing, the list goes on! We went to work writing, collaborating, continually listening, and graphic-designing. What fun!


Partner with local shops to sell the finished copy of the guide. Our hope is that this guide continues to cultivate a sense of adventure, vitality, and excitement over the city of Colorado Springs. How about we work on your city!?


We think making things sustainably and supporting craftspeople is important.


For this first printing, we used a wonderful supplier out of Portland, Oregon called Scout Books. They use 100% recycled paper for the interior, and 80% recycled materials for the chip-board covers. The company is a wonderful and kind crew of people that Portland is blessed to have!